How to integrate in PowerServer ?

Pre-Requisites PowerBuilder Power Server Visual-Guard Identity server .Net Core 3.1 Steps to Configure Visual Guard for Power Server Create and configure the PowerServer Project as described in the Powerbuilder documentation. In the above step, it will create the PowerServer Project.


All actions of the users are logging in Visual-Guard system. Winconsole Webconsole .NET API



Th VGGroup represents the relation between a list of users and a list of roles Winconsole WebConsole .NET API


The user represents a some one can access to multiple application, Visual-Guard can supports multiple type of identities like Windows, Database, Login/Password and etc.. The user can have multiple groups and role. All operations are logging in Visual-Guard system. Users

Create or select an existing repository

Create or select an existing repository Create a new Repository

Create Identity Client

How to create a new Identity client Open the VGRepository with a user has Master Admin Role. Select the application Click on “Configure identity Client for application”

Identity Clients

One application can have multiples identity clients for each you can different options: Identity ressources Allowed redirect Uris Post logout Uris Allowed cors origins etc..

How to create a new authentication service?

The authentication service is by application. You can create one or more services by application. Please run the WinConsole and follow this article: Create an Identity Client

Which API is available?

The Identity Server proposes an extended API To access the extended API, click “How to you API”