How to create a dynamic action ?

Requirement The PBSample in the VGRepository contains many sample How to create a action ? How to disable a button in DataWindows ? How to hide a button in Window ? How to hide a column in DataWindow ? How

How to deactivate Windows SSO ?

VGIdentityServer Feature Guide: Configurable Windows SSO Authentication This guide provides detailed instructions on how to utilize specific settings for automatic Windows SSO authentication in VGIdentityServer. These settings allow developers to choose between automatic Windows authentication and manual authentication. Server Configuration

How to integrate PowerServer 2022 R2 ?

Pre-Requisites Steps to Configure Visual Guard for PowerServer Create and configure the PowerServer project as described in the PowerServer documentation. Go to the PowerServer C# solution > ServerAPIs project, add a reference to “Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.PowerServer.dll”. (You can get this DLL file

Update Visual-Guard

Procedure to Update Visual-Guard Remember to thoroughly test the updated system in the development environment before deploying it to the production environment. This will help you identify and fix any potential issues before they can affect your production environment.

Upgrade Visual-Guard to 2020.X

Migration is a crucial process when upgrading to a newer version of Visual-Guard, a robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. This process involves transferring all security configurations, user data, and settings from the old version to the new one. It

Password Policy

The Password Policy feature in Visual Guard is a crucial tool for maintaining the security of your applications. It allows administrators to establish rules for password creation, ensuring that all user passwords meet certain standards of complexity and security. These

Permission Matrix

The Permission Matrix feature of Visual Guard is an essential tool for managing permissions and roles in applications. It provides a detailed and organized view of the permissions assigned to each user and role within the system. What makes it


Understanding Permission Sets in Visual Guard for Efficient Access Control Introduction Access control plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of applications and data. Visual Guard, a comprehensive security framework, provides powerful permission management capabilities through the


Understanding Permissions in Visual Guard for Effective Access Control Introduction: Access control is a crucial aspect of application security, ensuring that users have the appropriate permissions to perform their designated tasks while safeguarding sensitive data. Visual Guard, a comprehensive security


Introduction Visual Guard is a robust application security system that helps safeguard your data and systems from unauthorized access and potential breaches. It integrates seamlessly with your existing software applications and provides granular control over security, user permissions, and access