OTP (One-Time Password)

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The OTP (One-Time Password) feature in Visual Guard enhances security by providing a dynamic, time-sensitive password that can be used only once for authentication purposes. This method significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and is especially useful for protecting sensitive operations and transactions.

Key Aspects:

  1. Delivery Methods:
    • SMS: OTPs can be sent to the user’s registered mobile phone via SMS.
    • Email: OTPs can be emailed to the user’s registered email address.
  2. Security Enhancements:
    • OTPs provide an additional layer of security beyond traditional passwords.
    • They are particularly effective against phishing attacks, keyloggers, and other forms of credential theft.
  3. Compliance and Auditing:
    • Using OTPs can help organizations meet regulatory requirements for multi-factor authentication (MFA).
    • Visual Guard logs all OTP authentication attempts, providing an audit trail for security reviews and compliance purposes.

Benefits of OTP in Visual Guard:

  • Increased Security: Reduces the risk of unauthorized access by ensuring that each password can only be used once and is valid for a short period.
  • User Convenience: Multiple delivery methods offer flexibility and convenience for users.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps organizations comply with industry standards and regulations that require strong authentication mechanisms.
  • Ease of Integration: Can be easily integrated into existing authentication processes without significant changes to the infrastructure.