How to get a users ?

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Get Users from VGRepository

//Get all users from the storage sorted by given columns            
int totalrecords;
var allusers= runtime.Membership.GetAllUsers(0, int.MaxValue, Security.Common.VGPrincipalSortByColumnType.LastModificationDate, Security.Common.VGSortOrderType.Descending, out totalrecords);

Find users by user information (ex. email, username, locked, approved, user attributes etc)

//you can find users by various criterias.

//Find users by authentication mode
var findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByAuthenticationMode(VGAuthenticationMode.Windows);

//Find users by email
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByEmail("");
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByEmail("");

//Find users by firstname, lastname
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByFirstName("John");
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByLastName("Smith");

//Find users by locked,unlocked, approved, unapproved  
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByState(VGMemberShipUserState.IsLocked);
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByState(VGMemberShipUserState.IsApprouved);

//Find users by name            
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByName("jsmith");

Find users by profile attributes

//various prototypes are available to find users with attribute values.
//attributeId - is the Guid of the attribute which need to be searched

//few examples

//search users for which, this attribute's value is between 15 and 20.
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByProfileAttributeValue(attributeId, 15, 20);

//search users for which, this attribute's value is 15 
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByProfileAttributeValue(attributeId, 15);

//search users for which, this attribute's value is today's Date 
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByProfileAttributeValue(attributeId, DateTime.Now.Date);

//search users for which, this attribute's value is true
findUsers = runtime.Membership.FindUsersByProfileAttributeValue(attributeId, true);