How to initialize the VGSecurityRuntime ?

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The VGSecurityRuntime is a crucial component of the Visual-Guard .NET API. It provides access to various functionalities of the API, such as user management, role management, and permission management.

To use the VGSecurityRuntime, you first need to add the following namespaces in your code:

using Novalys.VisualGuard.Security; 
using Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.Common; 
using Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.CommonProfileAttribute; 
using Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.Database; 
using Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.Membership; 
using Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.UserProfile;
using System; 
using System.Collections.Generic;

Once these namespaces are included, you can get an instance of the VGSecurityRuntime by calling VGSecurityManager.Runtime:

VGSecurityRuntime runtime = VGSecurityManager.Runtime;

This instance of VGSecurityRuntime can then be used to perform various operations related to user management, role management, and permission management.