How to authenticate user ?

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  1. Initialize the API: Start by initializing the Visual-Guard API within your .NET application. This involves setting up the necessary references and configuring the API with your application’s specific settings.
  2. User Credentials: Collect the user’s credentials, typically a username and password, through your application’s login interface.
  3. Call the Authentication Method: Use the Visual-Guard API to call the authentication method, passing in the user’s credentials. The API will then process these credentials against the stored user data in the Visual-Guard repository.
  4. Handle the Response: The API will return a response indicating the success or failure of the authentication attempt. Handle this response appropriately within your application, granting access for successful authentications or providing an error message for failures.
  5. Implement Additional Checks: If your application uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or other security policies, implement these checks following the initial authentication to ensure comprehensive security compliance.

By following these steps, you can securely authenticate users in your .NET applications using the Visual-Guard API, leveraging its robust security framework to protect your application and data.