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Welcome to the Visual-Guard Archive section. This part of our documentation is dedicated to providing easy and organized access to previous versions of Visual-Guard, allowing users and developers to find information, guides, and references for past versions of our product.

Why an Archive?

As Visual-Guard continues to evolve, maintaining a record of previous versions is crucial for several reasons:

  • Historical Support: Enables users to consult the documentation of previous versions to solve specific issues or understand the evolution of the product.
  • Migration Assistance: Aids users in the migration process by providing detailed information on the differences and enhancements between versions.
  • Compatibility: Ensures that users working on existing projects can access relevant information for their version of Visual-Guard.

How to Use the Archive

The Archive is organized by version, with each section dedicated to a specific version of Visual-Guard. Below are links to the archived versions:

Visual-Guard 2020.X

This section contains all documentation related to Visual-Guard 2020, including user guides, release notes, and API references.

Previous Versions

For versions prior to Visual-Guard 2020, please click here.

Upgrading to VG 2024

If you’re ready to migrate to the latest version, VG 2024, check out our migration guide for a smooth transition. Our latest version offers significant improvements in performance, security, and features.