Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Enrollment

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In Visual Guard, MFA enrollment within the identity server framework enhances security by requiring users to provide multiple forms of verification before access is granted. This process involves users setting up additional authentication methods through the Visual Guard Magic link beyond their standard login credentials. Visual Guard’s approach streamlines the setup and management of these extra security layers, ensuring robust protection of sensitive information and systems against unauthorized access, all while maintaining a user-friendly enrollment experience. The member would receive an SMS or link through thier email or phone to get authenticated.

Below are the steps to enroll the MFA

Step1: Login the to the identity serve with your credentials and sign in.

Step 2: Please select the verification method you prefer to select first

Step 3: Register your email ID for the verification

Step 4: Once your email ID is registered, you will receive an email with a verification code to authenticate the email ID

Step 5: Once your email ID is verified, you will receive a enrollment successful message. You may go back to the application or choose to enroll your mobile number as well as a authentication factor.

Step 6: To enroll your mobile number you can enter your number and click and send SMS

Step 7: Once you register you mobile number, a secure code will be sent via SMS to authenticate the number

Step 8: Once the mobile number is verified you will receive a authentication successful message

Step 9: Once you have enrolled yourself you may go back to the application and login.

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