Configure Server

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Configuring a server in an Identity Server involves setting up and customizing the server’s operational parameters that dictate how the identity server operates and interacts with other components to manage authentication, authorization, and user management services effectively within an IT ecosystem.

Configuring an Identity Server is a critical task that requires a deep understanding of both the technical aspects of the Identity Server software and the security requirements of the organization. Proper configuration ensures that the Identity Server can provide secure, reliable, and efficient identity services across the organization’s applications and systems.

You can edit the Identity Server parameters.

  1. Primary Information: You can provide the basic information of your Identity Server

2. Edit Signing Certificate: You can manage the signing certificate and click on Validate Certificate below when you update the certificate

3. Is Clustered: You can configure whether identity server is clustered or not, you need to provide the Issuer Uri for the clustered Uri

4. Allow auto restart when required: You can choose if you want the server to restart automatically and you can also set up the time to check at every x minutes for the restart

5. Is Grpc Private Service Enabled: You can choose if you want to enable Grpc, if yes then you need to provide the Grpc port and whether the Grpc web is enabled or not as it makes the private service compatible with http 1.1.

6. Authentication Preferences: You can provide the default domain for windows authentication on IdentitySever, the authentication mode and whether the windows authentication and automatic windows aunthentication is enabled or not

7. Other Information: You can choose if the you want to overwrite Identity Server once it is deployed

8. Click on Switch Configuration if you want to select another identity server configuration, Click on Save button, when you want your changes to be saved, and make sure to restart Identity Server to reflect your new changes.You can restart the Identity Server by clicking on Restart button