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A dashboard is a graphical user interface that provides users with a consolidated view of key information and data relevant to VisualGuard Identity Server, by providing easy access.

  • Identity Clients: These applications or systems that use Visual Guard for authentication and authorization services, enabling secure access control and user identity management across various platforms
  • Client Configuration: Configuring a client in Identity Server involves registering the client and its type with the authorization server, obtaining client credentials, specifying authorization grant types and redirect URIs, and understanding the token endpoint and scope. These configurations ensure secure and proper interaction between the client and the Identity server while protecting user data and resources.
  • User Interface: The user interface (UI) in Visual Guard refers to the graphical interface which allows to customize the user interface by managing company logos and landing page text.
  • Identity Server: Configuring a server in an Identity Server involves setting up and customizing the server’s operational parameters that dictate how the identity server operates and interacts with other components to manage authentication, authorization, and user management services effectively within an IT ecosystem
  • Restart Identity Server: By clicking on this icon the identity server will restart

The dashboard allows administrators to monitor the health and performance of the identity server, track user authentication and authorization trends, and access important configuration settings and management tools to ensure smooth operation and security compliance.

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