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Passwordless login is a method of authentication that allows users to access a system or application without requiring a traditional password. Instead of entering a password, users are authenticated through alternative methods such as magic link or SMS verification. In Visual Guard, passwordless login enhances security and user experience by providing convenient and secure authentication options that eliminate the need for users to remember and manage passwords.

Shown below is a demo application secured by VisualGuard Identity Server.

Step 1: User tries to access the demo application, by clicking on ‘Secure using Universal Login‘.

Step 2: Since the user is not authenticated user, he/she will be redirected to the Identity server login page automatically.

Click on the drop down under Authentication and choose Passwordless and enter the Username, click sign In

Step 3: You will be asked to authenticate yourself through the magice link or SMS by the registered details. Click Ok once you select the option

Step 4: Once the user is authenticated and authorized successfully, he/she will be redirected back to the demo application.