Application Attribute

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The “Manage Application Attribute” refers to the capability to define and manage additional properties or characteristics associated with applications or software systems within the user management platform. These attributes provide additional context and flexibility for application management, allowing administrators to capture and store diverse information about applications.

Key aspects of the application profile attribute feature include:

  1. Customization: Users can define custom attributes tailored to their organization’s specific needs, enabling them to capture relevant information unique to their applications. This customization may include attributes such as application name, description, version, platform compatibility, or metadata relevant to application configuration and management.
  2. Visibility and Editability: Administrators can control the visibility and editability of application profile attributes based on user roles or permissions, ensuring that sensitive information is appropriately secured and only accessible to authorized personnel.
  3. Integration: Application profile attributes can integrate with other systems or applications to synchronize application data across different platforms, streamlining application management processes and ensuring data consistency.
  4. Metadata Management: Application profile attributes enable administrators to manage metadata associated with applications, such as release notes, installation instructions, licensing information, or third-party dependencies, facilitating comprehensive application lifecycle management.

Overall, the application profile attribute feature enhances the flexibility, granularity, and usability of user management systems, empowering administrators to capture and leverage additional application information to support various business processes and enhance application management practices.


  • Name: Identifier or label assigned to the application profile attribute
  • Is Encrypted: Flag indicating whether the attribute value is encrypted for security purposes or not
  • Is Overwrite when Deployed: Setting determining whether the attribute should be replaced with a new value during deployment
  • Edit: Action allowing modification of the application profile attribute
  • Delete: Action allowing removal of the application profile attribute