Custom Events

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In addition to providing robust security features, Visual Guard allows secured applications to log custom events within Visual Guard. These custom events provide a way to track and monitor specific activities or occurrences within the application for auditing and analysis purposes.

Adding Custom Events

To add custom events in a Visual Guard-secured application, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the specific activities or occurrences that you want to log as custom events.
  2. Integrate the Visual Guard logging functionality into your application’s code.
  3. Determine the appropriate triggers or conditions for capturing the custom events.
  4. When a trigger or condition is met, use the Visual Guard API or logging mechanisms to log the custom event.
  5. Include the following metadata in the custom event log:
    • Identification Number: A unique identifier for the event.
    • Title: A concise title or summary of the event.
    • Message: Detailed information or description of the event.
    • Date and Time of Creation: The timestamp when the event was logged.

Supervising Custom Events with VGMonitoring

Visual Guard offers VGMonitoring, a monitoring component that allows you to supervise and analyze custom events logged within Visual Guard. VGMonitoring provides features such as real-time event monitoring, customizable dashboards, and reporting capabilities to gain insights into the logged custom events.

By leveraging VGMonitoring, you can effectively monitor and analyze the custom events for various purposes, including security auditing, performance analysis, and compliance monitoring.

Benefits of Custom Events

By logging custom events within Visual Guard and supervising them with VGMonitoring, you gain several benefits:

  • Audit Trail: Custom events provide an audit trail that allows you to track specific actions or occurrences within your application.
  • Compliance: Logging custom events can help meet regulatory and compliance requirements by providing a comprehensive record of relevant activities.
  • Analysis and Monitoring: VGMonitoring enables you to monitor and analyze the logged custom events in real-time, generate reports, and gain insights into application usage, user behavior, and system performance.

Retrieving and Analyzing Custom Event Logs

Once custom events are logged in Visual Guard and supervised with VGMonitoring, you can retrieve and analyze the event logs using the provided tools and features. This allows you to perform various analysis tasks, such as generating reports, identifying patterns, and detecting anomalies.

Considerations and Best Practices

When working with custom events in Visual Guard and VGMonitoring, keep the following considerations and best practices in mind:

  • Event Relevance: Log only the events that are relevant to your application’s security and monitoring needs.
  • Data Sensitivity: Ensure that any sensitive data logged in custom events is properly protected and handled in accordance with security and privacy guidelines.
  • Log Retention: Define a log retention policy to determine how long custom event logs should be retained for auditing and compliance purposes.
  • Integration Testing: Test the custom event logging functionality and VGMonitoring features thoroughly to ensure proper integration and functionality within your application.

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