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A license key is a unique code provided by software vendors to legally authorize and activate a copy of a software product. It helps in preventing unauthorized use and ensures that the software is used in compliance with the licensing terms set by the vendor.

We have 2 type of Visual Guard licenses that we generate for the customer.

  • Product License: This is the primary license that activates the comprehensive features of Visual-Guard, including user management, advanced SQL features, auditing, reporting, dynamic permissions, deployment capabilities, and more. It also specifies the number of users, the duration of use, number of installations, distributions. Each VGRepository requires its own Visual-Guard License Key to access the full suite of features.
  • MFA License: This secondary license specifically enables the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service within Visual-Guard. The terms of this license, including its duration and the extent of its use across multiple VGRepositories, are determined by the subscription details outlined in your contract. This allows for flexibility and scalability in implementing robust MFA security measures across different repositories within the organization. The MFA license is an annual or monthly subscription, it can be used by one or multiple VGRepositories and is positioned at the same level as the Visual-Guard license, ensuring integrated and comprehensive security management across your systems.

Below are the quick links to the process of requesting for a license.