How to use offline mode

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  1. The user connects to the application with the offline mode activated. Visual-Guard will
    automatically save the role or roles that the user has selected in the OfflineStore
  2. When Visual-Guard detects that the VGRepository is no longer available and that the offline mode is
    activated, it will load the security settings from the saved copy found in the OfflineStore
  3. When Visual-Guard detects that the VGRepository is available again, it will synchronize the Event



  1. Connect to a VGRepository,
  2. Select an Application,
  3. Select the action “Regenerate the VG configuration file”, (a window will open),
  4. Select “User” or “Machine” for the Offline property,
  5. Generate the new configuration files for your application,
  6. Launch your application with the accessible repository,
  7. Sign in as a user and select a role or roles,
  8. Close your application.

Using the application

  1. Using the application
  2. Launch your application,
  3. Sign in as the same user,
  4. Your application will open (without being connected to the repository),
  5. Close your application.

Synchronizing the application with the VGRepository

  1. Connect your computer to the network (a connection to the VGRepository will be made automatically)
  2. Launch your application,
  3. Sign in as any user, Visual-Guard will synchronize the Event Viewers.

Interacting with applications in offline mode

  • CheckForOnlineStatus: Allows the repository detection method to be overridden.
  • AcceptOfflineMode: Allows rejection of the offline mode even if it has been activated.
  • UnableToSaveOffline: This event is launched when there has been a problem saving user data for
    offline mode. The following errors start this event:

    • The OfflineStore is
      currently being used by the same application,
    • The OfflineStore is
    • There is a connection
      problem while saving user data.

Note Note
Using the offline mode for ASP applications is not recommended.


  • Offline mode cannot be used with the Visual-Guard API
  • Offline mode is not supported with the console
  • It is not possible to change a person’s Credentials.

OfflineStore Property:

  • None: offline mode is not active,
  • User: data will be saved in the current Windows user’s profile,
  • Machine: data will be saved to the computer