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The Visual Guard Repository (VGRepository) is a key component of Visual Guard’s security infrastructure. It stores all relevant security data for the system.

The VGRepository serves as a centralized database for all security information. This includes details about users, roles, permissions, groups, and other related security information. By consolidating these information in one place, the VGRepository facilitates the management, access, and updating of security information.

Each application secured by Visual Guard can access the VGRepository to verify permissions, authenticate users, and perform other security-related tasks.

It is important to note that managing the VGRepository should be done by an administrator or a user with appropriate permissions due to the sensitive nature of the information it contains.


Usage of the VGRepository requires a specific license. This license ensures legal access to and use of the VGRepository and its features. Please contact the Visual Guard team or consult the official Visual Guard documentation for more information about acquiring and managing this license.

All informations is crypted inside of the VGRepository, you can select what type of encryption you want.