Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Visual-Guard’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) represents an essential security solution for companies seeking to strengthen the protection of their applications and data in an increasingly threatened digital environment. This detailed presentation first explores the importance and benefits of implementing MFA, before diving into an understanding of Visual-Guard’s MFA policies, including global and application-specific policies.

Introduction to Multi-Factor Authentication

In today’s environment, where cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, multi-factor authentication is an essential barrier against unauthorized access. By requiring multiple proofs of identity before granting access, MFA minimizes the risk of accounts being compromised, even if credentials are leaked.

Visual-Guard MFA enhances this approach by offering unprecedented flexibility and integration across a multitude of platforms and technologies, ensuring uniform, robust protection for all enterprise applications.

MFA Policy: Global Vision

The VGMFAGlobal Policy is the foundation of Visual-Guard’s MFA strategy, establishing the authentication methods available within a VGRepository. This policy includes options such as sending secure links and OTPs by email or SMS, enabling administrators to configure an authentication method tailored to the sensitivity and specific requirements of each application.

Key features of VGMFAGlobal Policy include :

Authentication Method Flexibility: Choice between secure links and OTP via email or SMS, offering adaptability to user preferences and security constraints.
Session Scope Information: Defines whether Grace Login applies globally or by application, enabling fine-grained access management.
Session Duration: Allows you to specify a period during which MFA re-authentication is not required, enhancing the user experience without compromising security.

MFAApplicationPolicy enables application-level customization of globally established MFA policies, offering flexibility to meet the unique security needs of each application. Administrators can :

  • Select Specific MFA Types: Prioritize an authentication type, such as SMS authentication, suited to the application.
  • Customize Grace Login: Define or disable Grace Login to adjust the balance between security and ease of access.
  • Adjust MFA Session Duration: Modify the period after which a new MFA authentication is required, offering customized security.
  • Manage Access without MFA for Unregistered Users: Allow limited access to users not registered with MFA, easing the transition to enhanced security policies.


Visual-Guard’s multi-factor authentication offers a complete, customizable security solution, capable of adapting to the specific requirements of each company and application. Thanks to the VGMFAGlobal Policy and the MFAApplicationPolicy, Visual-Guard enables detailed and flexible management of MFA authentication, ensuring optimum protection against unauthorized access while maintaining a fluid and secure user experience. By integrating Visual-Guard MFA, companies can confidently navigate today’s complex digital landscape, protecting their data and applications from growing threats.