Global MFA Policy

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What is a Global MFA Policy? A Global MFA Policy in Visual Guard is a centralized set of rules and settings that define how MFA is applied across all applications and users within an organization.

You can go to setting –> Global MFA Policy and setup up your rules.

  • Select the type of method you are opting for the security.
    • OTP via email or phone
    • Secure link via email or phone
  • The number of Grace logins (allows users a limited number of logins, or a period of time, to access a system without completing the usual authentication requirements) you would like to provide.
  • Provide the enrollment URL
  • Provide the setting required.
    • Scope: choose where you want the setting to reflect either under the whole Repository or specific Application
    • Duration: You can mention the time till when you want this feature to be active till