Edit Permission List

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This module allows you to grant or revoke list of permissions assigned to a permission set.

To grant or revoke list of permissions to a permission set follow the steps below:

Note: In addition to the below option you can also assign a permission to a permission set by directly dragging and dropping the permission to the permission set.

  • Select the Repository > Application > Permission Set> Permission set name from the Left Navigation Panel.
  • The selected permission set details will be displayed.
  • You can access the Edit permissions list menu using one of the following options:
    • Right click on the permission set name and select the Edit permission menu (A) from the popup menu.
  • Select the permission that needs to be granted from list of permissions (A).
  • You can grant a single permission at a time. Once permission (A) is selected, Grant (B) will be enabled.
  • Click ” ->  Grant” , the granted permission will be displayed in Current granted permissions section (C).
  • User can remove the permission by selecting the permission from Current granted permission list.
  • Click “<- Revoke”  to remove the permission. The removed permission will again be available in List of permissions (D).
  • Click “OK” to save the permissions or click “Cancel” to discard the changes.
  • Once you save the details, the list of Granted permissions will be updated.