Create a Database User

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Visual Guard allows you to re-use user accounts and passwords defined in these DBMS.


  • You will be allowed to create the user accounts only if you have been assigned the privilege. Refer special roles section for more details on privilege
  • This option will be available only for SQL or Oracle repositories only.

Follow the steps below to create a Database User:

  • Login to the Repository under which user account(s) is to be created.
  • Access the Add Database User menu using one of the options below:
    • Right click on the Repository Name provided on the Left Navigation Panel and select Add Database User option.


  • Right click on the Repository >Users menu provided on the Left Navigation Panel and select Add Database User option (A).


  • Select the Repository from Left Navigation Panel and select the Add Database User menu item from Action Menu (B).


The list of accounts will only be displayed if the user account created in the sql server has server roles as sysadmin.

  • Select the database from the available accounts and click “OK” .
  • Add database account screen will be displayed as shown below:
  • To create a new user account you have to provide the following details:
Field nameDescription
Database AccountThis option displays the name of the database account that you selected.
You can select a different user by clicking “Select”.
Role Assignment:This section displays the list of available and assigned roles. You can grant or revoke the roles using this section.
List of RolesThis screen displays the list of roles.
Current RolesThis section displays the list of roles that have been already assigned to the user.
Display ‘Membership’ rolesThis option allows you to display the membership access level to membership API for the application.
The user can be assigned Unrestricted, Membership Members Only only or Add Members role only.
  • After specifying the roles for the user, click “OK” to save the user details.
  • Click “Cancel” if you do not want to create the user.
  • The new user account (A) will be displayed under Users menu in Right Panel.
  • All Database Users are represented with a different icon i.e.

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