Create notification on user action

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Step 1: To Create a notification on a user action, click on Workflows on the left navigation panel –> Manage workflow –> create a workflow –> Create notification on user action.

  • The name can be defined in the “name” box (A)
  • The Event can be defined in the “Event” box (B)
  • An infinity of events can be chosen to define the workflow : 

After choosing the name and defining the event, 

  • Enter the description of the Workflow that is being created (C) 
  • Enter below the receiver(s) of the email / notification and click on add (D)
  • The chosen Email will be added in the “selected receiver Email”

After choosing these parameters, enter the email that is going to be send as notification in “Email body”. 

  • Other parameters can be chosen
    • Global variable
    • Parameteres
    • Special Parameteres