Granted Permissions

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Visual Guard allows you to edit the permission assigned to the role.

To edit the permission follow the steps below:

Note: Besides using the below method to edit the Permission you can use the following shortcut methods to grant, revoke a permission

  • By clicking on the permission you can Grant/ Revoke a permission.
  • You can remove a permission by right clicking on the permission name and selecting Remove menu from the popup menu.
  • Access the Edit Permission List menu using any of the following options:
    • Right click on the role name and select the Edit Permission List menu (A) from the popup menu.


    • Click on the role name and then on granted permission. Click on the bottom of the page on Edit Permissions.
  • Select the permission from the List of permission (B) that need to be granted. By default the first permission will be selected.
  • A Role can be granted a single permission only. Click “-> Grant” .
  • The granted permission will be displayed in Current granted permission (C).
  • Once permission is added to the Current granted permission“<- Revoke” will be enabled.
  • You can remove the permission by selecting the permission from the Current granted permission (C).
  • After granting the permission , click “OK” to save the changes or click “Cancel” to cancel the changes.

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