Create a custom Workflow

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Step 1: To create a workflow, click on Workflows on the left navigation panel –> Manage workflow –> create a workflow –> Create custom workflow 

Step 2: Enter a name and the description of the Workflow.

  • The name in (A)
  • The description in (B)

Step 3: Define the 2 parameters:Trigger & Event

  • The trigger: open the dropdown list below and choose between the three possible triggers: 
  1. EventLog

2. Intervale: If you select the Interval, the interval trigger will have to be chosen as below : 

3. Schedule: If you select schedule, one or several days of the week have to be selected and a schedule time has to be filled : 

Step 4: After choosing all the settings of the workflow, click on create in the right corner of the page.

Step 5: To add parameters and “events” to the workflow, click on it once it is created and follow these instructions : Edit a workflow

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