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Visual Guard allows you to modify the existing user accounts.


  • Below steps allows you to assign/revoke the Roles of particular Users. Click here if you want to assign a particular Role to multiple users at a time.

To modify the User Profile Details of the user, perform the following steps:

  • Select a Repository > Users from the Left Navigation Panel. All the users will be displayed in the Grid in Right Panel.
  • Click on the name of the user displayed in the Grid. “Edit User Details” Screen will open.
  • Select the User Profile Details Tab (A), as marked in the below screen.
  • The User Profile Details of the user will be displayed.
  • Above screen will show all the attributes been created. The behavior of attributes will depend on the properties of attributes been set while creating those Attributes.
  • You can edit all the fields except the fields, for which a default value has been fixed. To edit these default values, go to the User Profile Attributes section in the Repository.
  • Click “Save” provided at the Bottom Right corner (B) to save the changes.
  • To cancel the operation, Click “Cancel” provided at the Bottom Right corner.

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