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Visual Guard now allows you to create group of user accounts.

A user group may contain:

  • VG user accounts
  • VG Groups
  • Windows user account
  • Windows Groups

Main features:

  • Create/Read/Update/Delete groups through VG WinConsole, VG WebConsole and VG API.
  • Hierarchical organization: Groups can contain users or sub-groups in it
  • Group Permission Management: Roles can be related to any level of groups and will apply to all the users and sub-groups within this group.
  • Hierarchical Administration rights: When the VG Administrator Role belongs to a group, their administration privileges are automatically restricted to the users and sub groups of that group.

Using Visual Guard you can perform following actions:

Please Note: This page explains how to use the dashboard of the Groups section.

Dashboard informations

  • The dashboard allows you to see informations and to perform certains actions.
  • The date of the last modification is shown
  • The description is available from the dashboard
  • To select a Group, click the check box next to it
  • To show all the proprieties of the group, click on it

From the action menu on the right corner you can : 

The hierarchy

  • The dashboard shows the condense versions of the Groups as shown below: 
  • To open the hierarchy and see the subgroups, click on the arrow in front of the selection box of the group.
  • They will open this way: 
  • you can also see the hierarchy by clicking on the hierarchy icon on the left
  • This page will open
  • To search different type of group, go in the rolling bar under Manage Groups and chose the type of Group desire.
  • Next, click on search and the results will show on the main page. 

Create a Group

  • You can also create group by clicking on “+ Add Group”
  • This page will open
  • Enter the Group name in “Group Name”
  • Chose the parent Group in the following rolling list
  • Click on “ok” to create the Group


  • Click on “cancel” to cancel the creation of a Group