Membership Access Level

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The Membership Access Level indicates the level of access granted in an application to a particular user.

To modify the membership access level, follow the steps below:

  • Select the  Application name from the Left Navigation Panel.
  • The application details of the selected application will be displayed as shown below.
  • Select the Membership Access Level from the Right Navigation Panel (A),”v” will be displayed.
  • Click “v” a dropdown list will appear.
  • Select any one of the option from the dropdown list.
Field NameDescription
No AccessNo one can change the security of this application with VG membership API
AddMembersonlyOn selecting this option, the users can change the security of this application.
Using VG membership API, they can only add users and grant them the default role in this application
ReadAllMembersOnlyOn selecting this option, the security of this application can be changed by users with the role “CanReadmembership ”.
They can use VG membership API to read users and roles.