Create workflow

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The Workflow is a system meant to personalized notifications or actions in the Visual Guard Webconsole.

  • To create a workflow, click on Workflows on the left navigation panel> Manage workflow> create a workflow (A)

Two types of Workflows can be created: 

  • Create notification on user action


  • Create a custom user 

Create a notification on a user action

To Create a notification on a user action: the page below page will open. 

  • The name can be defined in the “name” boxe (A)
  • The Event can be defined in the “Event” boxe (B)
    • An infinity of events can be chosen to define the workflow : 

After choosing de name and defining the event, 

  • Enter the description of the Workflow that is being created (C) 
  • Enter below the receiver(s) of the email / notification and click on add. 
  • The chosen Email will be added in the “selected receiver Email”

After choosing these parameters, enter the email that is going to be send as notification in “Email body”. 

  • Other parameters can be chosen
    • Global variable
    • Parameteres
    • Special Parameteres 

Create a custom Workflow 

To create a custom workflow, the page below will open: 

The name and the description of the Workflow can be defined: 

  • The name in (A)
  • The description in (B)

Two parameters have to be defined:

  • The trigger 
  • The Event log Id trigger 

To select the trigger, open the rolling list below it and choose between the three possible triggers: 

  • EventLog
  • Intervale 
  • Schedule 

To select the Event or id Trigger, open the rolling list and choose between the many possibilities: 

If you select the trigger Interval, the interval trigger will have to be chosen as below : 

If you select the trigger schedule, one or several days of the week have to be selected and a schedule time has to be filled : 

  • After choosing all the settings of the workflow, click on create in the right corner of the page.
  • To add parameters and “events” to the workflow, click on it once it is created and follow these instructions : Edit a workflow

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