Edit the Roles Granted to a Group

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Visual Guard allows you to create groups and manage roles assigned to the group. 

To view group details follow the steps below:

  • Select the Groups from the Left Navigation Panel.
  • Click on the Group Name to view the Group Properties.
  • Select the Roles Tab (A).
  • The roles inherited from the parent group will be highlighted.
  • Following options will be available to you:
NameThis option displays the name of the role
DescriptionThis option displays the role’s description
View PermissionsThis option displays the permissions of the Role
Propogated to descendantThis option displays whether the selected role is propagated from the parent group or has been assigned to the group directly.

The option can have one of the values below:

Yes: The value implies that the role has been propagated from the parent group to the child groups

No: This value implies that the role cannot be propagated from the parent group to the child group

Please Note: In case a role has been assigned to the parent group and also to sub group then propagated to the descendant will be set to False.
  • You can modify the group roles using one of the options below:
    • Select the Edit Roles option from the Action Menu.


    • Click on “Edit Roles” provided at the bottom of the Right Navigation Panel .
  • Select the role that needs to be granted from list of roles (A).
  • User can grant one role at a time. Once a role (A) is selected ” -> Grant” (B) will be enabled. 
  • Click on “-> Grant” , the granted role will be displayed in Current role section (C).
  • User can remove the role by selecting the role from Current roles list.
  • Click on  “<- Revoke” to remove the role. The removed role will again be available in List of roles (D).
  • Click on “OK” to save the roles or click on “Cancel” to discard the changes.
  • Once user saves the details, the list of Current roles will be updated.

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