User interface

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The Workflow is a system meant to personalized notifications or actions in the Visual Guard Webconsole.

The setting section of the Workflow includes two differents part:

  • License 
  • User interface

The page user interface is divided in 3 sections: 

  • Company logo 
  • Theme
  • Login Page text 

Company logo 

The company logo can be downloaded from this page by clicking on the folder icon as shown below (A) :

All the informations are detailed above it.


The color theme of the websites can be picked on the theme page. You can select 3 different theme (A). 

The UI settings are juste above the themes and you can check or uncheck them (B).

Login page texte

The Login page can be personalized via this page. 

  • The tool bar has all the options and tools needed (A) 
  • The text will be posted on the page (B) .