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Overview of Authorization Loading after Authentication with Visual-Guard

Authorization management is a crucial aspect of security and personalization of the user experience in applications. Visual-Guard offers a sophisticated solution for loading authorizations after authentication, enabling fine-grained access management based on user roles. This presentation explores how Visual-Guard manages authorizations, from assigning roles to loading specific permissions.

Assigning and managing roles

In Visual-Guard, a user can be assigned one or more roles, depending on the application’s configuration. These roles can be determined in several ways:

  • Roles Assigned Directly to the User: Specific roles can be assigned directly to a user, reflecting their responsibilities and access rights within the application.
  • Roles via VGGroups: Users can also inherit roles through their membership of one or more VGGroups. These groups, designed to group users by department, function or other organizational criteria, can have their own roles assigned to them.

Role selection by the user

During authentication, Visual-Guard can offer the user the option of selecting a preferred group, an optional step that further customizes the user experience. Following this selection, the user is presented with a list of available roles, both from the chosen group and from roles directly assigned to him/her. Depending on the application’s configuration, the user can then choose one or more roles for their session.

Loading authorizations

Once the user’s roles have been determined, Visual-Guard loads the authorizations associated with these roles. This process involves :

  • Loading role permissions: Visual-Guard retrieves all the permissions associated with the roles selected by the user. These permissions define the actions the user can perform within the application, ensuring that access is strictly limited to authorized functionalities.
  • Fine-grained access management: By assigning specific permissions to each role, Visual-Guard enables granular management of access rights, offering optimum flexibility and security.

Benefits of Authorization Management with Visual-Guard

  • Enhanced security: By limiting access to application functionalities to authorized users only, Visual-Guard reinforces overall application security.
    User Experience Customization: The ability for users to choose their roles (and, by extension, their authorizations) enables user experience customization, aligning the interface and available functionalities with each user’s needs and preferences.
  • Centralized management of roles and authorizations: Visual-Guard facilitates the management of roles and authorizations through a centralized interface, simplifying security administration and compliance with access policies.


Visual-Guard’s post-authentication authorization management system offers a powerful and flexible solution for controlling application access. By dynamically assigning roles and precisely loading the associated permissions, Visual-Guard ensures that each user accesses only the functionality they are allowed, while delivering a secure, personalized user experience.