View Role Details

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Visual Guard allows you to create roles and manage users and groups assigned to the role

To view role related details follow the steps below:

  • Select the Repository > Application > Roles > Role Name from the Left Navigation Panel.
  • Role Details will be displayed. Select the Role Tab (A).
  • You can view following Role details using this module:
Note:The details of Membership Manager Role cannot be Modified
NameThe role name displays the name of the role.
Select the name to modify it. Please click here (missing link) for more details.
Permission SetThis option displays the names of permission sets associated with the role. Please click here (missing link) for more details on how to modify the Permission Sets of Role.You will not be able to modify the permission set for Membership role
DescriptionThis option displays the Details of the Role. Select the Description to modify it.
Last ModificationThis option displays the date on which the role was last modified.
IdThis option displays the unique identifier assigned to the role.

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