Viewing Details

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Visual Guard allows you to view the details summary of the action.

Please Note: This option for action will be available only for the PowerBuilder Application.

Follow the steps below to view action details.

  • Access the action using the path Repository> Application>Permission>Permission Name>Powerbuilder Action
  • The details will be displayed as shown below.
  • All the details will be displayed in read only mode:
NameThis option displays the short name of the action.
DescriptionThis option displays a short description related to the action. The description will also be displayed in bottom panel in right hand side panel.
TargetThis option displays the target for which the action will run.
EventThis option displays the event name after which the action will be executed.
ConditionThis option displays the condition when the expression will be executed.
IdThis option displays the unique identifier assigned to the action. This value will remain unaffected even when a new version of the application is created.