Clear Log

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Visual Guard allows you to clear the event log

Note: From the next version onwards i.e. (2.8), it will not possible to select “Event older than” for repository type = File

Follow the steps below to clear the log

  • Access the events for the selected application by clicking on Event Viewer option.
  • Click on “Clear log entries”  (A) at the extreme right of the Event Log screen.
  • The Clear log screen will be displayed.
  • Using this screen, you can select the criteria for clearing event log. You can select a single value only.
  • “Events older than” option allows you to select criteria before which all events will be deleted. You can also clear the complete event log by selecting “All events” option.
  • Click on “OK” to accept the selection. You can cancel the operation by clicking on “Cancel” .
  • You will be asked for confirmation before clearance.
  • Click on “Yes” to continue the clearing the logs or click on “No” to cancel.

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