Add New Events

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Visual Guard allows you to add a new event to existing list of events

In order to add a new event follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Access the events for the selected Application by clicking on Event Viewer option.
  • Click on “Add/Edit Event description…”  (A) at the extreme right of the Event Log screen.
  • The Add/Edit Event Description screen will be displayed.
  • In order to add a new id and description click on the “Add New Custom Event “ (B) and enter the new id and description.
  • Enter the new event id and the description.
  • Once you enter the id and the description, “OK” will be enabled (D).
  • Click on “OK” to save the event, otherwise click on “Cancel” to cancel saving the event.
  • Note*: The event id will be generated automatically even if the Event id is not entered by you.
  • The new added Event will be stored and displayed in the event list (E).
  • You can remove the event using “Remove” .

Note: You cannot remove the pre-defined events. You can only delete the customized event that are not created by the system.

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