Other Assemblies

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If your application loads some assemblies dynamically and you want to define security actions for classes located in these assemblies you can do so using Modify Other Assemblies option.

Visual Guard allows you to specify the list of these assemblies in Other Assemblies.

To modify other assemblies follow the steps below:

  • Select the Repository > Application name from the Left Navigation Panel.
  • The details of the selected application will be displayed as shown below.
  • Click on the Other Assemblies from the Left Navigation Panel, “…” will be displayed.
  • Click “…” the Other Assembly Files screen will be displayed.
  • Click “Add Assemblies” (B) to add more assemblies or click “Add Folder” (C) to add a folder containing assemblies.
  • The added assemblies will be displayed in the Other Assembly Files screen as shown below.
  • After selecting the required assemblies click “OK” to save the selected assemblies or click “Cancel” to cancel the selection.
  • The selected assemblies will be displayed as shown below.