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Visual Guard is a comprehensive identity and access management solution that offers a unified approach to application security. It seamlessly integrates four major access control features into a single solution:

  1. Authentication: This feature verifies the identity of end users accessing an application. Visual Guard supports username/password authentication and can also utilize Windows accounts stored in Active Directory. Under specific conditions, you can even integrate your own authentication system, allowing Visual Guard to focus solely on authorization.
  2. Identity Management: Visual Guard offers robust administration consoles designed for both developers and non-technical administrators. These consoles facilitate efficient management of user accounts and groups.
  3. Authorization: This feature defines the permissions of end users within an application, specifying what actions they can perform. Visual Guard allows you to centralize the permissions for all your applications in a single repository, simplifying access control management.
  4. Audit & Reporting: Visual Guard provides robust auditing capabilities, enabling you to monitor events in both the secured application and Visual Guard tools. It allows for customization of the application log and can generate PDF reports for auditing purposes.

Visual Guard supports any technology capable of HTTP Request, including .Net, Java, C++, PowerBuilder, and more. This makes it a versatile solution that can be integrated into any new or existing applications. By centralizing the security of multiple applications in one repository, Visual Guard provides a streamlined and efficient approach to managing application security.