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Visual Guard is an identity and access management solution offering a unified approach.
It combines four major Access Control features of in one solution:

  • Authentication: verification of the identity of end users of an application.
  • Identity management: management of user accounts and groups
  • Authorization: definition of what end users are allowed to do in an application
  • Audit: controlling the actions performed in the application.

Visual Guard can centralize the security of several applications in one repository. Any technology capable of HTTP Request is supported: .Net, Java, C++, PowerBuilder…

  • Authentication: 

This feature allows you to check the identity of the users entering your applications.
Visual Guard provides user name/ password authentication. You also can reuse Windows accounts stored in Active Directory. Under certain conditions, you can reuse you own authentication system and let Visual Guard manage only authorization.

  • Identity Management:

Visual Guard provides full-featured administration consoles for developers as well as non technical administrators and auditors.

  • Authorization:

Authorization features allow you to define who is allowed to do what.

Visual Guard lets you centralize the permissions for all your applications in one repository.

Auditing & Reporting:

Visual Guard provides features to keep track of allows you to keep track of events either in the secured application or in VG tools, customize the log of the secured applications, generate .pdf reports for auditing purposes

Visual Guard can be integrated in any new or existing applications.

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