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Visual Guard is an identity and access management solution. It combines four major Access Control features in one solution:
  • Authentication: verification of the identity of end users of an application.
  • Identity management: management of user accounts and groups
  • Authorization: definition of what end users are allowed to do in an application
  • Audit: controlling the actions performed in the application.
Visual Guard can secure various applications in one repository. Any technology capable of SOAP or https request is supported: .Net, Java, C++, Php It provides special support for many types of application : (missing link)
  • Winform, WPF, Console
  • ASP.Net Web Site or Web Service
  • ASP.Net Web Application or Web Service Application
  • Power Builder Application
  • Neutral Applications
Visual Guard allows users to modify the details of the application integrated with it. Follow the steps below to modify the details of an integrated application.
  • Login to the Repository under which the application details are to be modified.
  • Select the application from the Left Navigation Panel, the application details will be displayed on the Right Navigation Panel as shown below.
  • You can modify following details of the application.
Field Description
This section explains about all the editable fields
Name The name of the integrated application. Select the name to modify it.
Description This option displays a short description related to the application. Select the description to modify it.
Action Script Language This option displays the script language (C# or VB) used to edit script associated to actions. Select the Action Script Language to modify it. 
Assembly Path This option displays the full path of the main assembly of the application. Select the Assembly Path to modify it.
Other Assemblies This option displays the list of assemblies which are statically referenced in the application. The assembly paths are separated by semicolon (;) and can contain wildcard characters.
Application Type This option displays the type of applications. Select the Application Type to modify it.
Version This option displays the version of the permissions of the application. Select the Version to modify it.
Anonymous Role This option displays the anonymous role used by the application. Select the Anonymous Role to modify it.
Anonymous System Role This option will assign VG system rights to anonymous user, for certain actions like create user, create group etc.
Default Role This option displays the role granted by default to each new registered user. Select the Default Role to modify the details.
Membership Access Level This option displays the access level to membership API for the application. Select the Membership Access Level to modify it.
Web Portal This option allows you to select the id of the web portal and integrate the application with Web Portal application.
This section explains about the fields that will not be available for editing.
Last Modification This option displays the date on which the application was last modified.
Id This option displays the unique identifier assigned to the application.
The VG Win Console provides several features for application management: (missing link)