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Visual Guard allows you to edit any User Profile Attribute.
Note: However you will be not be able to edit the inbuilt User Profile Attributes of the system.

Follow the steps below to edit a User Profile Attribute:

  • Login to the Repository.
  • From the Settings item, select the User Profile Attribute Details as shown in the below screen.

Note: Default user profile attributes like first name, last name cannot be edited or deleted.

  • In the above screen, click on the icon of the User Profile Attribute which you want to edit.
  • The User Profile Attribute form will be displayed in Edit mode as shown below.
  • As shown in the above screen, you will not be able to edit the following fields:
    • Attribute Name
    • Data Type
    • VG Attribute Information Type
    • You will not be allowed to decrease the value of Max Length of the Attribute configured earlier.

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