Group Profile Attributes

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To access the list of Group Profile Attributes defined in the repository follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to the Repository.

Step 2: From the Settings select the Group Profile Attribute Details ‘A’ .

  • ‘B’: On clicking on the Up arrow, the row moves up the selected column’s view order towards the beginning of the column’s collection and clicking on the Down arrow, the row moves down the selected column’s view order towards the end of the column’s collection

Step 3: How to add a new Group, Click on the Add New Profile Attribute on the right bottom ‘C’

  • Below are the description of the feilds available for your quick reference
Primary Information
Property NameIdentifier for a specific attribute or characteristic of an entity.
Display NameHuman-readable label used to represent a property or attribute.
Data Type ValueSpecification defining the type of data stored in a property or attribute.
DescriptionBrief explanation or summary providing additional context or details.
Other Information
Attribute Group NameCategorization label for grouping related attributes together.
Is VisibleIndicator specifying whether an attribute is visible or hidden in the user interface.
Is RequiredFlag indicating whether an attribute must be populated with data
Is Search AllowedPermission setting determining whether an attribute can be used for searching or filtering.
Is ReadOnly for APISetting determining whether an attribute can be modified via an API
IS ReadOnly for UISetting determining whether an attribute is editable in the user interface.
Need to save in LogSpecification indicating whether changes to an attribute should be logged for auditing purposes.