Group Profile Attributes

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To access the list of Group Profile Attributes defined in the repository follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the Repository.
  • Click on the “+” besides the Repository Name to view the list of items of the repository.
  • From the Settings select the Group Profile Attribute Details .
  • The list of Profile Attributes will be displayed as shown in the above screen:
  • The following details will be displayed:
Primary Information
Property NameThis option displays the name of the Attribute
Display NameThis option shows the display name of the Attribute
Datatype ValueThis option displays the value of the Data Type
Attribuite TypeThis option displays that the attribute is a default attribute or a custom attribute.
VGAttribuite Information TypeThis option displays some of the Attributes provided in the system
Default ValueThis option displays the default Value of the Attribute
Max LengthThis option displays the maximum length of the Attribute Name
Other Information
Attribute Group NameThis option displays the Group Name of the defined Profile Attribute
Is Read OnlyThis option displays whether the Attribute is read only or not
Is VisibleThis option displays the visibility of the Attribute
Is RequiredThis option displays whether it is a mandatory Attribute or not
Is Search AllowedThis option displays whether the Attribute is searchable or not