Delete Users

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Visual Guard allows you to delete user accounts.

Follow the steps below to delete a user account.

  • Select a Repository > Users from the Left Navigation Panel. All the users will be displayed in the Grid in Right Panel.
  • Select the user by clicking on the Check Box placed besides the Name of the User (A).
  • You can also select the user by filtering the list of users using the filter option. Click here to know more about filter option.
  • Grid (B) displays the list of selected users. This grid (B) will not be visible initially. For this you need to click on “Show Selected Users” option.
  • The grid can be hidden by clicking on “Hide Selected Users” option. This option will be visible only if selected users grid is displayed on the page.
  • Click on “Remove”  to remove the selected User(s).
  • You will be asked for confirmation before the user is removed from the repository.
  • Click “Yes” to delete the user or click “No” to cancel the deletion.
  • The user account will be removed from the list of users.


    • Currently Logged in user cannot be deleted.
    • If multiple users are selected, then they all will be deleted.

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