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Visual Guard allows you to view all the modules in the system.

Now you can also add Custom Modules to the system. For this you need to have a license key for the repository.

You can perform the following actions in the Modules section: all missing links

  • Add a New module
  • Configure the Module
  • Upgrade the version of Custom Module
  • Delete custom created modules
  • View Features of Module
  • View default Attributes of Module
  • Map the attributes

Refresh Modules: This option allows you to refresh the contents of the Modules section. Clicking on “Refresh modules” will refresh and load the latest contents of the selected Module.

To view the list of modules integrated in the repository follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the Repository.
  • Click on the “+” besides the Repository Name to view the list of items of the repository.
  • From the Settings select the Modules .
  • The list of Modules will be displayed as shown below:
  • The following details will be displayed:
Repository Name and Path
Module NameThis option displays the name of the Module
VersionThis option displays the version of the Module
DescriptionThis option displays the description of the Module
Module TypeThis option displays the category of the Module.
Note: As of now only Identity Modules are supported in the system.
Module TargetThis option displays the namespace of the Module
  • Following options will also be available:
    • New Module
    • Configure Module
    • Upgrade Module
    • Delete Module
    • View Features
    • View Attributes
    • Map Attributes

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