Deploy Repository

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Visual Guard allows you to deploy the created repository. With this option you can make a copy of the whole repository to use it in the same system or the other system.

To deploy a repository, follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Repository. 
  • Access the Deploy Repository menu using any of the following options:
    • Right click on the repository name and select the Deploy Repository menu (A) from the popup menu.


    • Select the repository name from the Left Navigation Panel and select the Deploy Repository menu from the Action menu (B).
  • The Repository Deployment Wizard screen will be displayed as shown below.

Click “Next >”  to continue the wizard or click “Cancel” to cancel the wizard.

On clicking “Next >”  the screen below will be displayed.

  • Select any one of the options for deploying the data of the repository
Export data in a deployment configuration file (A).This option enables you to generate a deployment configuration file.
This file can be used by the deployment tool to perform the specified actions later.
Deploy in an existing repository (B).This option enables you to perform directly the specified actions in the selected repository.