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This feature allows to apply encryption on the communication and storage details of the repository. Follow the below steps…

  • Log in to the Repository.
  • Click on the + besides the Repository Name to view the list of items of the repository.
  • From the Settings select the Encryption .
  • Select the option Communication Details to encrypt the data transferred between VG Runtime and VG Server OR
  • Select Storage/Data Encryption to encrypt the storage data from Database and File Storage.
  • Encryption Algorithms provides us with two options of 128 bits and 256 bits amongst which any option can be selected. 
  • Encryption Key of 16 characters can manually be entered by the user or can automatically be generated and if the criteria is not met validation error is displayed.

Click on Create Encryption to complete Step 1. Below screen will be displayed after the completion of Step 1.

  • Select the location of the where you need to save your backup file.
  •  Clicking on Create Backup will display the below screen.
  • Click on Activate Encryption in Step 3 to get a confirmation screen as shown below.
  • The confirmation Activation will lead to the following screen.

Click on OK for final activation

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