Real time

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To view the real time data of the repository follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the Repository.
  • Click on the Repository Name to view the Monitoring Details.
  • Select the Real Time Data Tab (A) from the Monitoring Tab
  • Clicking on (B) will redirect to the screen displayed below
  • Filtering the data through Chart Legends by clicking on hand lens icon will display the screen below:
  • The selected options will be displayed besides the Chart Legends which can be deselected later.
  • Time Interval: The user can set the regular time interval (in seconds) by which you can monitor the events.
  • Visible Range: The user can set the visible range (in minutes) for real time charts.
  • Keep Monitoring: If the checkbox is checked, the user can monitor the actions even when the real-time chart screen is active or inactive.

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