Editing An Expression

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You can edit expressions by following the steps below:

  • The Security action creating wizard screen will be displayed showing the list of all components.
  • Select the expression that needs to be edited and click on Edit Expression (A) to edit existing expressions.
  • Edit an Expression screen will be displayed.
  • Select the expression Type (A). Visual Guard provides three expression types namely Visual Guard Expression, Format Expression and Permission attribute value.
  • Visual Guard Expression will be selected by default. The rest of the parameters in the screen will vary as per selection in Expression Type field.
  • Select the appropriate expression field.
  • Click “OK”  to accept the arguments. You can also Cancel the operation by clicking “Cancel”  .
  • The accepted arguments will be displayed in the Security Action Wizard screen. The expression will also be displayed in Property window.
  • After editing the expression, click “Finish” . The security action will be saved and displayed as shown below.