License Key

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Visual Guard allows you to request a License Key using the software itself.

Follow the steps below to Request a License Key:

  • Login to the Repository
  • The repository details of the selected repository will be displayed as shown below.
  • Access the Request License Key option using one of the options below:
  • Right Click on the repository name and select the Request License Key menu item (A) from the menu.


  • Select Request License Key menu item from Action Menu. (B)


  • Click on the Request License Key option provided at the bottom of the Right Navigation Panel. (C)
  • Request a License Key screen will be displayed.
  • Specify the following details to request for a license key:
EmailEnter your valid email address.
This is the address where the license key will be mailed.
NameEnter your name
CompanyEnter your company name
Phone NumberEnter your phone number
CountrySelect country of operation
StateEnter a State name
Maximum Nummber of users requestedSelect the appropriate option.
Depending on the selection you will be able to create the specified number of user accounts.
Additional InformationEnter any additional information you would like to share
  • Click “OK” if you want to save the details and request for license.
  • Following confirmation message will be displayed
  • The Download License Key (A) link will also be enabled.
  • Click “Cancel” if you want to Cancel the operation.