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After adding the new module in the system. Visual Guard 2017 allows you to Upgrade the version of custom module.

Note: This option will be available only for the Custom created modules.

Follow the steps below to create a new Module:

  • Click on the new module in the Module section as highlighted in the below screen.
  • Click “Upgrade Module” in the above screen, to change the version of your Custom module.


    • You can only upgrade to a higher version of the module from the existing version of the module in the system.
    • While upgrading your module by uploading the new dll file, make sure ModuleID and ModuleName does not change.
  • Add Custom Module Popup will be displayed as shown below. You need to provide the path of the dll file here.
  • You can directly paste the path of the dll file or browse the file by clicking on “…” button.
  • Click “Cancel” to cancel upgrade of the module.
  • After entering the assembly path click “OK” to add the dll file. You will be asked for confirmation if the attributes of the module are already been mapped.
  • Click on   to continue upgrade.
  • The new upgraded module will be added to the list of Modules.

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