Edit the Profile of a User

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Visual Guard allows you to modify the existing user accounts.


    • You will be allowed to modify the details only if you have been assigned the privilege. Refer special roles section for more details on privilege
    • Below steps allows you to assign/revoke the Roles of particular Users. Click here if you want to assign a particular Role to multiple users at a time.

To modify the User Profile Details of the user, perform the following steps:

  • Select a Repository > Users from the Left Navigation Panel. All the users will be displayed in the Grid in Right Panel.
  • Click on the name of the user displayed in the Grid. “Edit User Details” Screen will open.
  • Select the User Profile Details Tab (A), as marked in the below screen.
  • The User Profile Details of the user will be displayed.
  • Above screen will show all the attributes been created. The behavior of attributes will depend on the properties of attributes been set while creating those Attributes.

For Example: Attributes with “Is Read Only” property set to true will be disabled here and cannot be modified by the user. Click here (missing link) to know more about how to set Attribute Properties.

  • You can edit all the fields except the fields, for which a default value has been fixed. To edit these default values, go to the User Profile Attributes (missing link) section in the Repository.
  • Click “Save” provided at the Bottom Right corner (B) to save the changes.
  • To cancel the operation, Click “Cancel” provided at the Bottom Right corner.

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